Once Upon A Leasing Season

Sticker ShockYou may be noticing there’s a little more traffic these days in your leasing offices, and it’s not really a surprise. This is the time of year when people think about making a move. It’s also an interesting time in our industry where there’s new competition in many markets. Depending on your community, you could be competing against “Tried and True” or “Shiny and New.”

Whether a seasoned leasing agent or a fresh-faced newbie, there’s always room to brush up on clear cut strategies to close the deal with each prospective residents. A couple of questions that often come up when it comes to leasing strategies:

  1. I know we’re the best community in the area, but prospects always seem shocked when they hear the price of our apartment homes. How do I get around their “Sticker Shock?”

There are a few basic approaches to discussing rental rates confidently, and in this 5-minute Micro Insites video, I discuss the 3 Action Steps you can take to discuss rents confidently. 

2. The tour went great, I felt like we had great rapport, but when it came to asking if they wanted to rent, things got weird. How do I get that deposit without feeling like a bulldozer?

If you don’t ask, you won’t get, but it’s all about presentation. In this 5-minute Micro Insites video, Lia Nichole Smith provides the basics of Closing with Confidence. 

Want more capsule learning opportunities? Check out the Micro Insites Learning Library on SatisFacts.com. You’ll be amazed what you can learn in 5 minutes! Enjoy free access for a limited time.


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